Xbox Series X, the media briefing in April in live streaming?

That Xbox Series X is now a fact is a fact, just as the long amount of corridor rumors that are circulating on the net are a fact, so many that it is seriously difficult to understand which can be true and which are simply not . The same speech is obviously also addressed to Sony's flagship, PlayStation 5.
In the last few hours, an image that seems to be an invitation to the media brief of the Xbox Series and therefore the presentation of the (or the?) Platform in full sense is circulating on Twitter and Reset It was exactly as happened with Xbox One in May 2013.

The date is April 6, 2020 at 9.30 am American time (at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles), the image quality is really high and it could also be true, but as always we invite you to take everything with the relative pliers since nobody knows where it really came out, some believe they retrieved it from the site code, but it's not exactly clear. It must be said that if it were false, it is done really well, moreover in the past there had already been talk of a possible dedicated presentation event.
The invitation also highlights Series and makes no mention of Series X, one more reason to believe Lockhart's announcement possibility. We will find out in the next few hours if this invitation is fake, otherwise let's prepare for an official confirmation.


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