COD Modern Warfare: Activision bans two users who shared battle royale content

Some COD Modern Warfare players have started sharing their particular experience with the battle royale mode of the recent title developed by Infinity Ward. Officially, this new mode for Activision's FPS has not yet been released nor announced, and for this reason the American company is proceeding to ban all users who have prematurely shared the images, or videos, depicting the new mode.
The first to receive the ban was the content creator The Gaming Revolution, who had posted a video on their YouTube channel; obviously the video was promptly removed. The second user to have been banned is Dean Carter, the one who had shared a couple of images of the COD Modern Warfare battle royale on their Twitter profile.

Oh … @TheGamingRevoYT 🙁
– Dean Carter (@CaptainBadfoot) February 13, 2020

Specifically, Carter accidentally found himself inside the Warzone mode, without however any possibility of starting the battle royale. The user is now able to play COD Modern Warfare again after apparently agreeing to no longer post any photos or videos of the Warzone areas should he encounter them again.

According to the continuous leaks that have occurred since last November, the Warzone mode of Modern Warfare will compete with a maximum of 200 players and introduce a new twist in the respawn, revisiting the mechanism. We currently have no further information and are awaiting official confirmation from Activision and infinity Ward on the matter. What do you think of the situation that is taking place with the battle royale mode of Call of Duty Modern Warfare?
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