Rainbow Six: Siege Operation Void Edge, the new operators in a teaser

Ubisoft confirmed with a video teaser that Rainbow Six: Siege Operation Void Edge will introduce two new operators. We are obviously talking about the new season of the well-known online shooter, which is having so much success all over the world.

The two new operators do not yet have a name, but the video actually confirms some of the rumors circulated in recent weeks on the new season of Rainbow Six: Siege. The woman who walks on what appears to be lunar soil should be called Yana, while the burly type who wanders the desert should be called Oryx. The names were learned thanks to an image stolen and published in the Rainbow Six subreddit about two days ago.

Oryx should be a defender capable of breaking down punched walls, while Yana should be an attacker, with particular powers related to his equipment. For the rest nothing is known of the two characters, but Ubisoft promised news for February 15, when, during the Six Invitational, or the game world championship, will reveal all the details of Rainbow Six: Siege Operation Void Edge, which will start on March 9 on all platforms: PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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