.: one of its cloud gaming services could arrive before PS5 and Xbox Series X

. has the ability and the means to enter the market by bullying cloud gaming and this is also the thought of Patrick Rose, game designer and video game industry expert who, interviewed by Trusted Reviews, reported how . could soon launch its streaming game solution, before the arrival of PS5 and Xbox Series X.

"The chances are concrete that . is ready, or soon ready, to offer cloud gaming services," said Rose, although there is currently no particular evidence to produce about it. "With the upcoming arrival of the MMORPG New World by ., this could also represent the beginning of an offer of video games developed directly by the company, which could be made available directly on their cloud gaming platform, perhaps inside a subscription, or with monetization through in-game purchases. "

The launch of New World, the promising RPG with MMO elements set in the 17th century, could be decisive for the launch of such a service. Considering that the release date should be set for May 2020, the release of the service in streaming could precede the arrival of the next gen, or PS5 and Xbox Series X.

"Announcing or even launching such a streaming service right after or together with the release of New World could be a smart move, therefore the departure of a cloud gaming service by . before the launch of the console next gen it's likely, "said Rose.

Furthermore, according to the expert, . should learn from Google Stadia's mistakes, especially regarding the marketing, accessibility and policy of prices. It would then find itself in a position of potential advantage for conquering the market, in any case considering the wide economic and technological means available to it.

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