Motorola Razr, negative reviews: the folding smartphone does not convince

Motorola Razr received several negative reviews: apparently the new folding smartphone does not convince, and so the international press rejected him.

"The Motorola Razr is a phone that sells for $ 1,499, but it does offer feature is functionality that could barely be acceptable on a $ 250 device, "wrote The Verge.

"The problem with the Razr is that, although costing $ 1,500, it unmotivately sacrifices critical elements for traditional smartphones: it does not have an excellent camera, the battery does not last long, the screen is not bright and there is not even the latest one Android version. Rather, it's all about nostalgia, hoping to attract people who fell in love with the original Razr V3, "Wired wrote instead.

"We cannot deny that opening and closing a smartphone in 2020 gives a particular sense of satisfaction, but i compromises which Motorola had to go down in this case (low light, low resolution, mid-range chipset, average battery, uninspiring camera) make the Razr almost impossible to recommend, "Engadget wrote instead.

In general, all the reviews express doubts about the robustness of the flexible screen and highlight how specific of the device are not in the least up to the price at which it is proposed.

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