Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the opening compared to the original …

Final Fantasy 7 Remake showed himself today with theopening complete, which has insert in a suggestive comparison with that of the original game from 1997.

The differencesneedless to say, they are huge: at the time the first steps were taken in the world of polygonal graphics, while Final Fantasy VII Remake arrives in a period of full technical maturity, at the end of a generation of consoles that have given us impressive shows.

It is interesting to note that the sequence of events does not change in the two videos, but the direction obviously also appears to be substantially evolved, cinema-like, with suggestive shots that well present the game world.

The last few moments are particularly significant: in the original Final Fantasy 7 the debut of Cloud Strife he was quite anonymous because of the in-game graphics and his obvious limitations, while in the remake the protagonist makes a very impressive entrance.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be available starting April 10, exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

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