PS5 will come out with several cross gen titles and is PS VR 2 already in Sony's plans?

In the past few hours, a new report has been published by Bloomberg that has brought to the attention a possible increase in the production costs of PlayStation 5. The prospect does not stop there, and brings to light more information about Sony's next plans for its next generation consoles. To be mentioned are a new version of PlayStation VR and the possibility that many titles at the launch of PS5 are cross gen.

We know that PlayStation 5 will be compatible with the current version of PS VR from the launch, but this does not exclude the possibility that in the future a new model of Sony's virtual reality viewer may arrive. In this regard, according to the report, it would seem that the Japanese company is already thinking of producing a PS VR 2 to be released some time after the release on PS5.

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In addition, continuing the report, the issue of PlayStation 5 launch titles is also mentioned, many of which will be cross gen. Although the launch line up of the next Sony console is not yet known, we can find an example confirming this thesis in the recent chatted Outriders. The new title developed by People Can Fly and published by Square Enix has been confirmed to be released on both PS4 and PS5 just a few days ago.

At the moment there are still few official news about Playstation 5, but we can certainly start to get an idea on some details already mentioned directly from Sony's official console site. Are you expecting a launch of PS5 with many cross gen titles and the release of a new version of PlayStation VR?

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