PlayStation: digital dominates, PSN has dragged SIE's earnings

It is now known that the PlayStation brand is becoming a true symbol of the gaming world year after year. Already during the current generation of consoles, the Japanese giant has been able to detach itself from its competition in a clear way, offering excellent products (and consequently acquiring praise from fans). We already know that Sony is preparing in a very methodical way for the next generation. However, a well-known insider has decided to remain nailed to the current generation, showing some curious details on the general trend of the PS brand.

The well-known insider and analyst Daniel Ahmad has decided to upload a very particular tweet in which he analyzes the general trend of the PS brand during the current generation. According to Ahmad's analyzes, the brand has been brought up (at least in part) thanks to the PSN. For Ahmad PSN was definitely the biggest hit of this generation when it comes to talking about the PlayStation brand.

"Without a doubt, the most successful element of the current PlayStation generation is the PSN! The various digital content that includes both games and DLC have gone to have a significant impact on Sony's total numbers. Only the PS Plus and the PS Now account for about 25% of the total earnings of the digital branch!"

Although there have been several slowdowns in sales over the past year (linked to the PlayStation brands) it is undeniable that the numbers reported by Ahmad speak for themselves. Just these big gains (always according to Ahmad's words) have prompted Sony to invest much more on the future PS5. Given this sales success, we expect Sony to continue to focus on its various services in the future (especially on the well-known PS Now).

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