Xbox will return to Grounded during PAX East 2020

During the past X019, Obsidian Entertainment presented Grounded, a new IP far removed from anything that the Fallout New Vegas and The Outer Worlds studio has ever developed in the past. The title will put players in the shoes of some kids who have found themselves shrunken to the size of an ant, and will have to survive the hostilities of a little garden. After the announcement, the new one Microsoft exclusive has disappeared from the radar, but Xbox is ready to put the title back in the spotlight soon.

The update comes a few hours ago, when Obsidian said that during the next PAX East 2020 in Boston, there will be a panel entirely dedicated to Grounded. To be precise, everything will start on February 29 and the development team will shed some light onthe "functioning of the little big game world and on Grounded's gameplay".


Obsidian also hinted at a beta phase of the game for users enrolled in the program Xbox Insiders, stating that it will be possible to take a peek at what will be offered to players with Grounded a few days before launch. We just have to wait a little more than a week to find out new details on the new Obsidian IP.

We remind you that Grounded will be released exclusively on Xbox One and PC during next spring. The title does not yet have a better specified release date, but it is likely that the latter will be provided in conjunction with the next panel at PAX East 2020. Are you curious to see something more about Grounded?

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