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When it comes to musou, projects like that of Warriors Orochi 4 they are perfect for showing the long story that Koei Tecmo has shaped within the genre, gradually finding more and more declinations in anime and spin-offs. The release of a game that acts as a huge crossover is news that fans have welcomed with pleasure, experiencing the fusion of Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors in the lands of a world as familiar as it is unknown.

Even such an ambitious project, however, may need to re-frame its systems and Omega Force has therefore decided to go back to Warriors Orochi 4 in large size, churning out an Ultimate edition (similarly to what happened with Warriors Orochi 3) which not only significantly changes the game mechanisms, but adds characters and narrative paths in an exaggerated roster of well 177 total heroes. If there is a moment to rediscover one's passion i musou, this could be the right chapter to reinvigorate the flame of pitched battles.

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate

Warriors, divinities and any other inspiration

The story of Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate naturally follows the track of its basic version, which is a direct sequel to Warriors Orochi 3 where once again the heroes are summoned to a foreign world. It turns out that behind the call to arms are hidden some gods in search of powerwith some bracelets capable of bending divine space, time and energy. Of course, diplomacy is certainly not the preferred way for these warriors, therefore huge battles are staged where armies of all kinds face each other to the death, following the plot and the factions that the divine beings themselves have created.

One of the least appreciated points of Warriors Orochi 4 was the rhythm of the main story, which in this case is definitely enriched with new scenarios and interlude scenes, also giving the classic "true ending"From having to unlock through the paths entered with the update. This stratagem is certainly useful for summing up the various relationships in the main story of the game, as well as the main attraction of the narrated part of Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate. With 177 characters with unique animations, unique voice actors and lines of dialogue with many of the other cast members, the potential textual fanservice of this crossover is out of scale, making it a paradise for those who have followed the saga for the longest time.

For newcomers and strangers to the original series the beauty of seeing a melting pot of cultures remains full of interactions and references to mythology, uniting heroes like under the same banner Giovanna D’Arco, Achille, Ade, Zeus, Oda Nobunaga and many other exponents of any terrestrial folklore, each with a strong aesthetic characterization. Not surprisingly, Koei Tecmo and Omega Force also worked on the Musou of Fate / Extella, who share the same concept of legends from all traditions, however finding more realism and variety in the experience of Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate.

Net of the amount of personalities involved, it is not to be expected who knows what thick or reflective story: the flow of events is in fact light and devoted more to spectacularity than anything else, pressing hard on the heart of the action that fans have been cheering for for years. The technical sector, which has remained unchanged compared to the basic version, fully reflects this philosophy through spectacular in-game cinematics that showcase the quality of the "exotic" artistic direction, accompanied by epic and purely orchestral soundtracks of the basic version.

The strong point of Warriors Orchi 4 Ultimate is therefore composed of his numerous battle scenes, where fearless heroes face hordes of enemies by force of special blows and cliché phrases, bearing faith in the honorable ardor typical of Eastern narrative. Specifically, the Ultimate additions are a little icing on the cake that was missing from the offer, so much thematically valid as to be almost indispensable for anyone who feels disappointed by the previous conclusion.

Decimation of armies

The gameplay in its basic formula also remains unchanged, however enriched with new functions extremely comfortable and aimed at simplifying life at the highest levels of the game. In Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate you can therefore expect to relive the battles marked by many skills, spells and attacks combined in each sauce, mirror of the thematic abundance that the merger of the various franchises can bring. However, a certain static nature was not touched in the animations of the fight, preserving that annoying feeling of having to "stop" the movement to perform the basic attacks, which is a decidedly felt factor for anyone accustomed to faster musou, especially if we consider that the same team took care of the game of Attack on Titans. But this is a defect that can be definitely forgiven in the face of a flood of fighting possibilities on a roster of hundreds of unique moves.

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate

All heroes can be played to your liking both as main characters and as supports to be deployed on the battlefield, making them level up through points and game currencies. As you battle your coordination skills in battle, the new unit management of Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate will allow you to improve statistics, equipment and passives with greater ease, not without some new gems such as the return of the Reincarnation System – called Promotion – of Warriors Orochi 3.

In addition to the new scenarios of history, this new version brings an unprecedented mode called Infinity, which is evidently based on fighting hordes of enemies without a definite limit. This mode will allow you to take on battles relentlessly and get new materials for the powerful weapons added with this update. Challenge Mode also earns two challenges and adjustments to Sacred treasures allow characters to equip even those external to their type (but only Normal).

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate

Considering that the upgrade to Ultimate can be purchased separately – and that the bailouts can be conveniently imported – the updates to the game systems especially favor the players who are still sifting through the title and are looking for new challenges to overcome, rewarded by valuable loot of effort. It also remains firm online and local cooperative mode, including leaderboards to compare top scores with players around the world. In this sense, there is no division between the "classic" and "Ultimate" versions.

Besides some changes to the general quality of life, Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate is by no means a revolution in game gameplay, that although it has small defects, structuring them remains absolutely enjoyable, profound and undoubtedly the most varied of all the musou of the franchise. A perfect starting point for those who have never touched the genre and really want to understand the scale they can reach, facilitated by options and HUD retouched to make the approach for more relaxed players less tedious. Text localization in Italian is still missing, but considering the niche we are talking about, it was difficult to have any claims in this regard.

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