Nvidia: The removal of Activision Blizzard titles from GeForce Now was a misunderstanding

A few days ago we told you about the sudden removal of Activision Blizzard titles from the catalog of GeFroce Now, the platform of Cloud Gaming by Nvidia. The situation has created some discussion among users, but it seems that Nvidia has decided to come out into the open to declare the reasons for the removal of the titles in question.

According to Nvidia, everything was the result of a misunderstanding concerning the beta phase of GeFroce Now. "Activision Blizzard was a key partner for us during the entire beta phase of GeForce Now. Precisely for this reason their video games have been included internally both in the service and in the free trial content package for all players who have decided to join first as Founder " the company said in a statement.

GeForce Now

Nvidia's intention right now is to go back to arguing with Activision Blizzard to bring their games back to the Cloud Gaming platform. "After this misunderstanding we are hopeful of bringing Activision Blizzard games back to our platform along with other titles.". In light of the misunderstanding, to witness the return of Overwatch and company in the GeForce Now catalog, it will be necessary before the two sides find the right agreement, which for the moment has not happened.

We just have to wait for new developments on the situation, in order to understand if it will also be possible to take advantage of the Activision Blizzard titles on GeForce Now in the short term. What do you think of the situation that has arisen between the two companies? Tell us yours in the comments section.

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