Kingdom Come Deliverance and Aztez free for a limited time on the Epic Games Store

This week it is really difficult not to be satisfied with the rich gifts made byEpic Games Store: the famous publisher, known above all for giving birth to Fortnite, in fact made available two totally different titles totally free, that is Aztez and especially, Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Just like any other gift previously made byEpic Games Store, even this intriguing duo can be added to our libraries for free only for a limited period of time: Kingdom Come Deliverance is Atzez in fact, they will return at full price from 17:00 on 20 February 2020. In case you want to make them yours without putting your wallet in any way, we therefore invite you to hurry and redeem them from the Epic Games Store.

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This week's main course, as well as one of the most striking gifts to date made by theEpic Games Store, Kingdom Come Deliverance it is a massive open-world RPG set in the Holy Roman Empire, where attention to detail will be a constant leitmotiv of the entire adventure. A title, that of Warhorse Studios, absolutely portentous and inevitable for any fan of the genre. You can conveniently find it at this address.

Aztez instead, it is a very special title, which combines the genre of fighting games with strategic turn-based, all obviously set within the Aztec empire. An intriguing adventure with a high challenge rate: you can redeem Aztez directly to this address.

As previously mentioned on February 20, 2020 at 17:00 both Kingdom Come Deliverance that Aztez will return for a fee and will take the place of the two games instead Faeria, with the title of Abrakam which in turn will be available for another week, that is, until February 27th.

So if you want to support the publisher after these two intriguing titles as a gift, you can do it by taking home a package of special contents of the epic games flagship title, Fortnite, directly at this link!

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