Escape From Tarkov: after technical problems the team gives a million rubles to the players

Over the past weekend, Escape From Tarkov has undergone several technical issues regarding game servers. The overwhelming majority of players have encountered major problems entering the game, which has created discontent within the community. To apologize for the inconvenience, the development team decided to give away a million rubles to each player while work to remedy technical problems has already started.

To accept the amount of in-game money donated by Battlestate Games, FPS players will simply have to open one email which will remain active for 48 hours. Definitely a gesture greatly appreciated by a large portion of the Escape From Tarkov community, even if some users are continuing to complain, declaring that they much prefer the game to run smoothly.

Escape From Tarkov

With one million rubles available, players will be able to buy several items or reinvest this amount to improve their Hideout with medical stations, rest areas and other options made available to players. In the meantime Battlestate Games has made it known through their Twitter account that they are working on the server arrangement, so that players can come back to play very soon.

Unfortunately, no precise timings have yet been given, but we are confident that the development team can propose a solution as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can start by redeeming your million rubles. What do you think of the gesture made by Battlestate Games to apologize for the problems with the servers?

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