E3 2020: Geoff Keighley will not attend the event

In the eyes of fans, it seems that E3 is beginning to lose, year after year, the interest that the Los Angeles fair had managed to build over time. While we are already aware of the absence of Sony for the second consecutive year, some corridor rumors would have already made known many of the names that will be protagonists during the next edition of the Los Angeles fair. Those who will not be at E3 2020 will be Geoff Keighley.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Keighley confirmed that will skip this year's edition of the sector fair. He also said it was a difficult decision to make and would have liked to support the developers who will be taking part in the event, but Keighley does not seem to be comfortable with the direction that E3 is taking.

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“In the past 25 years I have participated in all E3s. Coverage and sharing of events were highlights for me, but above all they were a determining part of my career. I thought about what to say about E3 2020, and although I want to support the developers who will be present, I must also be honest with you and the fans about what will be my future commitments " Keighley said without going into too much detail.

Geoff is one of the most important figures within the gaming sector, as well as the one who founded The Game Awards in 2014. Over time that event has become one of the most awaited by audiences and critics, going to "rival" also with the 'E3 on many aspects. What do you think of Geoff Keighley's absence at the next E3 2020? Do you think that the Los Angeles fair has lost another great protagonist in this edition?

Among the many activities carried out by Geoff Keighley, you can also find it in a cameo within Death Stranding. You can purchase the latest Hideo Kojima title on . at this address.

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