The Witcher 3 sales rose 554% year-on-year thanks to the Netflix series

When Netflix premiered The Witcher, some of us were clear on what that would mean for game sales: an increase. However, although that was exactly what happened, the exact figure of that increase was unknown to us … until now.

According to a report by The NPD Group, The Witcher 3 sales in December 2019 saw a spectacular increase of 554% on all platforms, compared to December 2018. Considering that it was the same month that the Netflix series was launched, it is clear that the show starring Henry Cavill convinced many people to buy the video game.

At the end of December 2019, the game already had more players than those registered during its launch, and by January the mark of 100,000 active players was exceeded. And we don't talk only about The Witcher 3; The first game in the series reached a historic peak of 12,000 players, and the second installment also saw a notable increase.

The books have also been selling very well, since the high demand generated after the premiere of the series resulted in 500,000 new copies of Andrzej Sapkowski's original books having to be printed.

Netflix has already confirmed the second season of the show, after the tremendous success of the first, although it will only arrive in 2021.

Did you like The Witcher series? What did you first meet, the games or the series?

.: PCGamer

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