Fortnite: Epic got the price of the Heartbreaker skin wrong, promises the refunds

Like any other game as a service free to play, Fortnite owes its economic success on microtransactions, especially related to themed costumes / skins. The validity of this type of content has been discussed several times, but all that matters in the end is that battle royale fans buy them. There are obviously various price ranges depending on the rarity.

Precisely in this regard, as far as the price ranges are known to everyone, sometimes errors still occur and certain skins are offered for sale at a value higher than expected: it happened with breaking hearts just these days. The costume went on sale at 1,500 V-Buck, when in reality the expected price was 1,200 V-Buck.

Fortnite 11.50 Valentine's day

Epic Games obviously noticed it, at some point, and promptly changed the price, also ensuring the automatic refund of the 300 V-Buck. So if you have already bought the Fortnite skin at a higher price, you don't have to do anything except wait for the currency to return to your digital wallet.

It is not the first time that a skin gets a wrong price: in this case it was an error, but in other situations it had been a voluntary choice of the developers who, however, in the end decided to change the cost following the criticisms of the players.

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